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Phu Thai Cat held 5th Anniversary in Da Nang

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Phu Thai Industries Company Limited trading under the name PHU THAI CAT is the Sole Authorized Vietnamese Dealer for Caterpillar Inc. from May 23rd, 2010. This is a milestone, a challenging start.
With outstanding efforts in the past 5 years, Phu Thai Cat has established a strong position in the market and built trust with customers.
With the wide vision from Board of management and leaders, together with its strong focus on plans and company targets, PTC achieved the 1st place in many markets and has become the market leader very quickly.
Company revenue increased quickly. After 5 years of operation, the revenue was five times higher.
Starting with 30 members, PTC now has a dedicated workforce of more than 400 employees who were well trained local Vietnamese and experienced specialist expats, who together are always ready to meet all customers’ requirements.
Besides distributing 100% new equipment, PTC also provides rental and used equipment, and after sales service such as original/ genuine parts, maintenance, repair, warranty and solutions for customers.
PTC also provides after sales service such as installation, commissioning, recommendation, part supply, repair service, training courses, and maintenance .This is the contribution, effort and solidarity from all PTC members together to make the success
PTC Board of management is focused on investing in personnel & building quality staff to follow the 5 values: Consideration – Integrity – Tenacity – Growth – Teamwork. The strong personnel team is the major factor of PTC’s development.
PTC is proud of its own culture. Activities such as sport and performance are held frequently to promote working spirit and help people to get closer to each other
2015 is the 5th year of growing and PTC’s target is to maintain number 1 in all markets by strong customer relationships and solutions.
PTC is number 1 in Vietnam market for culture and market leadership.
At the 5th Anniversary, Mr. Robert Stevenson – General Director had some remarks as follows:


We are Phu Thai Cat
And we are more
We are Phu Thai Cat Family
A Family who cares for each other.
A Family who shares together the joys, happiness, burdens and disappointments.
When there is a challenge—we all work and help together to overcome the challenge as a team.
One person cannot achieve such outcomes alone.
Together we are stronger
As we move into the next 5 years together—As we grow in size.
Let us always remember to remain as a family
A family who supports each other
There is no doubt in my mind that this is the secret to our success.
Thanks for your trust and respect as we tackled difficult challenges together during the past 5 years
Our relationship is important and special.—I believe in you.
I am proud to be your older brother, uncle or grandfather.
We are a family together.
Yes—-We are Phu Thai Cat Family