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Phu Thai Power can inspect your engine and are staffed by fully trained engine, parts and service professionals.


Phu Thai Power also stock Genuine Powerpart Parts locally and have access to Perkins Technical Support Services.
Perkins diesel engines have earned a reputation for ease of service along with low costs of maintenance and repair. Their rugged and simple design makes local repair easy. A large global network of distributors and dealers keep parts and support close to customers throughout the world.


Our parts warehouses located in England and Singapore work around the clock providing the high levels of availability and fast shipment that keeps your machine running. Over 50,000 unique parts are sold under the Perkins Powerpart brand, the name that ensures only genuine parts are fitted in a Perkins engine.


A new era of technologies and the development of electronic control systems require the attention of qualified and fully equipped service teams. Only the Perkins distribution network has evolved with this challenge and is meeting customer needs now and the future.