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Perkins Care

Phu Thai Industries Co., Ltd (Phu Thai Power) is the sole Perkins appointed distributor for Vietnam since August 2010. In the first year of operation, Perkins engine section began with few customers. After seven years, the number of customers as well as revenue has grown steadily and continues to grow in the coming years.
Perkins engine, which is one of the Caterpillar’s brands, was established in 1932. Now, Perkins has eight manufacturing sites worldwide, with engines range from 5.6 – 2250kVA. Perkins brand has more than 100 distributors in more than 180 countries, with more than 3,500 service outlets providing technical services and spare parts.



On July 19th, Phu Thai Power. and Sang Ban Mai Joint Stock Corporation held a seminar to introduce Perkins engines and generator brand SBMPOWER at Phu Thai office in Long Thanh, Dong Nai. This is the first seminar of Perkins engine segment. This program aims at exchanging information and introducing new products as well as facilities of Phu Thai Power. Throughout this seminar, Phu Thai Power has assured the customers with comprehensive customer support capabilities from engine supply, technical support during production as well as after sales support – thereby building trust and tightening the cooperation between the two parties.



Mr. Tran Thanh Trong, General Director of Sang Ban Mai Joint Stock Corporation, shared the development process from its inception to the present. He also shared with the workshop the needs, expectations of users and the difficulties which the generator companies have encountered. Concurrently, Mr. Tran Thanh Trong expressed his trust in Phu Thai Power and Perkins to provide strong support for his company and the customer’s increasing market demands. Mr. Trong also expressed his determination to continue selecting Perkins products as the key product for the generator production at Sang Ban Mai JSC.